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55 thoughts on “Vote For Pin 3

  1. Mystery Castle & Time Machine of course ! 😀 Not the most difficult tables to recreate, but one of the best ever! The VP9 versions are great but VP9 is now really outdated, maybe the resources of these tables could be used for the recreation in VP10? Thanks al ! 😀

  2. Dear friends, it is very good to vote for the pinballs that we would like to emulate in vp 10, although it would be better if the list was smaller (or choose the 20 most voted for example), besides it would be good to remove from the pinball list that are already emulated In vp10 (for example: big bang bar, doctor who, frontier, nba fraskreat, etc.) and focus more future work on pinballs (eg: Jhonny Mnemonic, xmen, no fear, transformer, ect) that have not been emulated with Decent quality until today. I respect the rules of this site and it is just a suggestion, beyond each author is free to recreate what they like. Many thanks to all who take the trouble to make pinballs !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looking for Williams Terminator 2: Judgment Day but unfortunately it’s missing on the list. The table is on rank 35. from Top 300 Rated Pinballs and my all time favourite. I think the table has deserves a chance for a proper rework and with Mark-70 we are already two :yes:

  4. There are still some great selections left on the list. The great thing about your guys doing these is that the community is guaranteed to get an A+ table.

  5. i’m really looking forward to a nice and pretty White Water and since that one is already a WIP i’ll just wait for it.
    so i voted for Elvis, the Dark Knight, Batman Forever, GoldenEye and ID4.

  6. Batman 66 (if and when Stern SPIKE System is available)

    Great work by the way. What you guys are doing with VPX is really blowing me and anything else out there away.

  7. Star Wars Data East my number one pick. Did pick 5 from your list but would gladly have any of the ones not all ready done. Can also think of 5 FP tables that I would love to see a VPX conversion done. Off the top of my head Creature, Jaws, Nightmare on Elm St., Aliens, and Goonies. Love the site and all the great tables that have been done by a very generous group of creators. You have given me back memories of tables I thought I would never see, let alone play again :yahoo: . So for that I say Thank You.

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