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    Yeah this table has a ton of materials marked as transparent, which brings my cab to its knees (GTX960). It also has an unusually large plastics texture.

    After marking a bunch of things like the screws, grouping stuff with the same texture, making the plastic and apron static and unchecking active material types for things other than the ramps it runs acceptably now. Probably missing some of the intended translucency but it wasn’t playable on my hardware before and it still looks quite nice.


    I need these versión, in my cab dont work properly.

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    Wow. Very impressive light show!

    So many great Data East tables.


    Ben Logan
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    Agreed about the light show on Time Machine. Super! Love the mechanical chimes, too. Thanks for this one Pincab Passion. :D

    Stefan Austria
    Stefan Austria
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    I hope JPJ get it and can provice us an Update.

    And this all in a “sad Closing” … :cry:

    jean-pierre jimenez
    jean-pierre jimenez
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    thanks to all of you ;)

    @Djrobx !!!! Haaaaaa i dont’ have think about that !!!!! ;) ;) ;) Could you send me or post here a link ? i will take a look of your good way to optimise it !!!! ;) ;) ;) Thank you very much !!! Another thing to learn for me ;)


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    wish someone could do a phantom of the opera data east table that would be great

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    @DJRobX @Jean-Pierre Jimenez : maybe you could join your forces ? :D

    Anyway great job JP and every creators here and elsewhere :good:

    I just can’t think of a 404 error when typing in my browser in a near or far future, I just don’t want that to happen :cry:

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    Thanks Tom for your dedication and development of this site.
    Your quality builds and contribution cannot be overstated, your encouragement to walk the “grey areas”, and push the envelope has been wonderful, your tables, your virtual friends and families tables, and your teams tables are a benchmark, and will be for some time.

    At first I thought you had fallen into a time zone, and mistook the date for April 1st, but alas, it appears you haven’t.

    I look forward to seeing where you and all your talented friends pop up, in the mean time ;
    “l’amore di famiglia prima”

    Grazie mille,


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    All the best for the future Tom. I’ve only recently discovered VPX but it has been a pleasure visiting your site and reading the boards, definitely a great community :good:


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    THANK YOU TOM for all your hard work running the site.

    Wish you all the best.

    Hope you continue making and releasing VPX games well into the future.


    Thank you… your site was awesame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best to you and your family!!!! :bye:


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    Too bad you have to stop the hosting of this great site.
    All the best to you and hopefully we see some good creations of your table talent in the future.

    And thanks to all who helped you and the community ;)

    Kind regards,



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    Hmm… Why close an entire thriving community Tom Tower? I’m sure plenty of other members are willing to help out, or take over, running the forum?
    A forum/community isn’t created by its owner, but by its members. Closing it down would simply destroy everything every member has contributed to this forum. Is that really ok?
    Of course it’s awful that you have had to pt up with all these difficulties and hacker attacks. But wouldn’t it be much better to let the forum live by the help of others than letting it die?


    K M
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    Hey time machine crashes with error line 1 anybody an idea what to to solve the problem?

    Greetings Kalle


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    Make sure your vbs files are only in the Scripts folder not the tables folder

    If that don’t help then

    Make sure you have the latest software installed
    SAMBuild r4619


    darren clipson
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    It will be really sad to see MBPC go but we respect the decision and wish you all the best in the future.
    Massive thanks to everyone involved and all the creators who have found these pages home for their creations. I hope to communicate with you all on other sites.
    Best regards

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