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    With the newest tables like AFM and the upcoming Addams Family needing a lot more power than my GTX 660 can handle, I would like to ask the community for GPU upgrade suggestions.

    I currently have a 3 screen mini cab:

    Windows 10 (64bit)
    i5 (3.1ghz)
    8gb ram
    GTX 660 2gb

    Playfield: 23″
    Backglass: 17″
    DMD: 10″

    I am only interested in running in 1080p.

    Would a GTX 1050 4GB be enough or should I go for at least the GTX 1060? If the 1060, then any major difference in VPX if go with the 3GB or the 6GB?

    I appreciate any suggestions.


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    if you want to buy new

    the 1050ti is all you need in FHD
    if you can get cheap i would use the 1060 (in fhd doesnt matter which one, in 4k i wqould go minimum the 6gb version)

    If you want to use used GPU have a look at

    Gtx 780
    GTX 970
    Gtx 980

    Sometimes you can get them cheap and in FHD they are more then enough

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    Thanks for the info BambiPlattfuss. I wasn’t sure about the 1050ti or some of the older cards and if they could handle the latest AFM and Addams with everything turned on like reflections etc…

    With my current GTX660 I can run most tables, but everything needs to be turned down & off to get them to run smooth and I still have some slight issues with certain tables, so with the next card I wanted to be sure to be able to run the tables as the authors intended.

    Thanks again for the quick reply and the info. :good:


    Stephen Sayles
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    my cab kinda has 8 screens (4k playfield which is like 4), dmd is 1080p, backglass is 1080, topper is ultrawide with is 2×1080. I had a 1060 6gb card and I thought it was great, but I started getting stutter without force exclusive mode. I was getting around 58-60 fps in very demanding tables like g5k T2 and such. I upgraded to a 1080 and wholy shit I get 147FPS now. I don’t think any table will ever stutter now. I’m in heavon.

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    Thanks for the reply. I currently run in force exclusive mode. Its a must with my GTX 660 or it’s stutter central.

    GTX 1080 is more than I want to spend and I am not running my mini 3 screen cab in 4K either, so that would be overkill for me. I will probably end up going with a GTX 1060.

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