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    This is absolutely my favourite table, both in real life and on VPX.

    There is an annoying bug that can often happen during Multiball, either Frankenstein or Monsterbash/Monster of Rock though.

    Sometimes a ball will get stuck “inside” the table in the top right, below and to the right of the Mummy. You can nudge the table and see it rolling around in there but its never comes back out.

    Any others get that issue? I’ll maybe get it, 1 in every 5 Monster Bash triggers (4 balls seems more likely to happen, Frankenstein multi-ball is much rarer to go wrong).


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    Thanks for this great table! I really like it! :D


    Larry Bohmmers
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    I think I need some help with the rom files for this. The ones posted here crash when the game starts up. I grabbed a single rom file from another location – also crashes on startup.

    Appreciate any tips/suggestions. (I’m just getting back into visual pinball after being away for a few years.)

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    Larry Bohmmers
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    Darn. Did all that and still no love. I remember the challenges with this platform not being user friendly. Still hasn’t improved. :(

    Maybe I’ll try to hunt down some other ROM copies.

    [UPDATE} Success! Reinstalled everything from scratch. That did the trick.


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    This Table looks and plays fantastic, thanks very much for sharing it to all people involved.

    There’s one little issue when I play it one my Cab, maybe someone may give me an advice:
    When I hit the Bride and her head goes up and down i receive Solenoid action with every head movement, is there a way to stop this?

    After installing the table i first received constantly Solenoid clicking when the Mummy becomes active, after following the hint in this forum i updated to DOF R3 beta and exchanged DirectOutput.dll, everything works fine now, no mummy Solenoid clicking anymore.

    But still heavy Solenoid action when the Bride becomes active, i even tried to delete S2 and S3 references in the DOF Table config, didn’t help. Tried also to install DOF 3 (not beta), didn’t help neither. I run the latest Versions of VpinMame and VpX.

    Thank you for reading, maybe someone could give my some help… :good:

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    One of the best tables to play and visually it looks great. Looking forward to the real remake, apparently there will be more rules to the game – hopefully it’ll be easy to use the new rom with this table.


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    I’m having an odd issue activating Frankie multiball: Frankie won’t stand up so I could shoot the ramp and the multiball just starts after hitting Frankie enough times.

    Table tests say “check switch 81, 82, 83 and 84”

    I use ROM “mb_106b” downloaded from VPforum

    What I have tried:
    -factory reset
    -deleting NVRAM -file
    -clearing registry

    Anyone else having the same issue?


    eric puig
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    je débute dans le VP , et je redécouvre 10 ans après l’évolution , la vidéo de ce MB est juste bluffante , je vais m’y remettre illico
    erikrom :)


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    Tom & Ninuzzu, I had to come here to tell you how sincerely appreciative I am of this table (and all the other’s you’ve built). My wife and I have had so much fun it feels illegal. And this is the first table I’ve achieved the Wizard mode. It is now my favorite table surpassing your Indiana Jones (Also masterful work). I just can’t thank you guys enough for what you do. :heart:

    Stefan Austria
    Stefan Austria
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    Thats true !

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