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    Dang ! This thing plays soooo good, got grand-champion with 246 Mil (5Ball), what a thrill ride !
    And it is not that i’m such a good player, no, it had more to do with the fact that physics are extremely good.
    I can place shots where i want them, and i can do it over and over again, ball control is a big thing on this table and it works well.

    I’m impressed :good:

    Graphics wise it’s one shiny glimmering thing of beauty, with an T2 head that you can swear has it in for you 8) Sounds are also damn good, just love getting the ball into the popbumpers, gives such a nice “Uzi” sound !

    Thanks to ALL involved, gonna play some more now…….ohhh my…

    My F14 Cab: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=21820


    Stephen Sayles
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    wow this table just plays so great. Had a fun pinball friday night with 2 friends and played some T2. Everyone was blown away! Thanks


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    The cannon is now perfect and this is now the unquestioned reference T2 table. Great work.


    Ben Logan
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    Played a bunch more tonight. Really like the new cannon. Super smooth. Laser mod is great, too. I think the ball physics are superb. Plays as great as it looks.

    Stefan Austria
    Stefan Austria
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    … allTimeFavorite, and a perfect VPX :good:


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    I’ve spent a bit of time on this table today and it only goes to strengthen my original comments, not only is this the reference T2 table, but it is darn near perfect. Everything about this table from the stunning playfield, the functioning cannon, the gameplay is spot on. I cannot wait for AFM, a table I love as is, but can’t wait to see how much better a good table can become. Thank you g5k and the other members who created this masterpiece.


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    Thanks for releasing this table. Have a lot of fun with this table this weekend!

    One thing I adjusted was the left kickout return. When I was playing, it did not return to the left flipper for me. I changed the kickout angle to 180 in the script
    bsLeftLock.InitSaucer sw51,51,180,13
    and changed the shape of wall329 so it would clear the left sling

    Time to beat my highscore. Thanks again!

Viewing 7 posts - 106 through 112 (of 112 total)

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