Who Dunnit VPX

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    Et voilà ! :)
    Really simple with audacity, thanks for the trick.

    I put +10db for the bumpers, it sounds louder :ja:

    I upload the files, if someone want to dowmnload them…
    Open the table on VPX, go to the sound manager, clic on “BottomJet”, clic on reimport from, select the file you download. Do the same with “LeftJet” and “RightJet”.
    Save the table.

    After closing VPX you can delete the 3 files from your pc.

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    Thanks for attaching the files, I hadn’t actually done this for myself yet, now I can use yours. :)

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    Once I upgraded to the official 10.4 release I was good to go.

    Great work ninuzzu and djrobx! You guys never disappoint. :bravo:


    Matthias Pföhler
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    The table is awesome! :good:
    I love this pinball machine!
    Now only the Black Rose Flipper is missing and everything would be perfect. :-)

    Many Thanks!


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    Really great table thank you


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    This table is awesome guys, thanks so much to all the people who provided this beauty. big shout out to Ninuzzu and Rob. Great work. So much fun and so playable.


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    Who dunnit ? :good: :D :D :D :good:

    Big thanks to all involved

    Stefan Austria
    Stefan Austria
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    You can’t find the Killer ?
    “A hint on finding the killer is that all suspects will talk about the killer unless they are the killer” :pfeif:


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    tell me more about….

    great table one of my favorites. really though though..

    many thanks, keep up the superb work!

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    :bravo: , this is an authentic work of art, I do not understand the instructions of this pinball, but it is a very pleasant experience the feelings transmitted by this table with a very high level in the graphic and physical, congratulations for your work,


    Ben Logan
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    Nino and DJRobX, this table is a real triumph. Super fun. Great physics. Such a challenge! This is one I actually didn’t play all that much in VP9 (although that version was quite nice). I’m loving it in VPX. Thanks for the fun!


    Brent Schneider
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    I love this table and it plays great, but it is the only one that I can’t get DOF to work with for addressable leds. Any ideas?


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    Thanks for this AWESOME table ! Great gameplay, graphics, scripting; everything! One of the best.


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    Fantastic Fun Game, Thanks, looks great and love the corny music


    darren clipson
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    Hey guys, I am having trouble getting this table to run smoothly with a gtx 1050ti. Every other table is perfect so im wondering if I am missing something?
    I have tried setting all AA to off including 4x and AO. Also the details slider all the way down but its very choppy with or without Vsync on.

    aside from that I am really glad I found this table as I had not heard of it before, It is great fun and the work on the table is fantastic, it really does look and sound amazing! Great Work!

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