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  1. I have every pinball in the list up and running and Johnny Mnemonic by Williams
    is a great pinball in my own opinion. This pinball in VP really needs work (needs VPX version) Most of the other tables look pretty dam good. Barring maybe 3 or 4 other tables. I would love to see this rise to the top of the list.
    What does everyone else think?

      1. Yeah WoW it’s a great pinball, I played it for many many hours at a local venue. Most of the games I played on it would last for 45 minutes maybe longer, (I had every highest score on it) and you could always get extra balls by watching the locks when it flashes the lock positions. When you shoot the ball in crazy bobs.
        Here is how:
        When you shoot the ball in crazy bobs you just need to watch the lock and the dmd at the same time
        and it will show you which lock will give you what reward. Hope i explained it property.
        This is not coded into the digital pinball (sad face)
        Not sure how many people new about this, yes Tom never say never, and now I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and that go’s the same for everyone else who have give their skills and their time to build these digital l works of art. I also would like to thank all the coders to because I bet they do not get thanks they really deserve.
        THANKYOU EVERYONE woohoo!! all you guys are just to cool B-)

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